Truffle Oils - for a Finish with Panache!

Steeped with the woodsy aroma of an earthy forest, Truffle Oils impart an added dimension to sauces and vinaigrettes. A culinary classic, drizzle over fresh steamed asparagus or artichokes, freshly baked pizza, grilled sea scallops, or add to risotto or mashed potatoes. Black truffle oil has a more intense, rustic flavor while white truffle oil is delicate and woodsy.

Truffle Oil For Everyday

Once I began using truffle oil as a finishing oil, I found so many uses for it. In fact, I wanted to use it everyday! But like many fine gourmet ingredients, it just didn't make since to use our best quality Truffle Oil all the time. After trying many different truffle oils, I discovered Wine Country Kitchen's truffle oils to be a great alternative to our imported oils. Although less earthy in flavor, I find it excellent for everyday cooking. And if you are 'new' to gourmet oils, this is a perfect first step into the earthly delights of Truffles and Truffle Oils.

White Truffle Oil - 250ml Bottle
White Truffle Oil - 250ml Bottle

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White Truffle Oil - 250ml Bottle

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